Canon introduce the latest model in their impressive range of document scanners. The DR-3010C document scanner can scan at 30ppm and up to 3,000 pages per day workload. Make the Canon DR-3010C your workgroup scanner for your document management needs.

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Redscan SDP

Redscan SDP

Network security for small to medium enterprises. Unified Threat Management (UTM) including firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, anti virus, anti spam, content filtering, protected 24/7. Ideal security package to monitor network and protect from Internet attacks and threats.


A2iA is the worldwide leading developer of natural handwriting recognition, Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technologies and products for the payment, mail, document and forms processing markets.

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FormStorm Enterprise

FormStorm Enterprise

CMS Software UK is proud to be one of the leading data capture companies involved in the application of Formstorm in the UK. FormStorm is a robust yet versatile forms processing software package, providing automatic data capture of your documents, including purchase invoices, market research questionnaires, customer feedback forms, and enquiry forms.

Charactell discuss the merits of forms processing and Advanced Character Recognition, explaining why Formstorm is the right package for you.

Trapeze Desktop Versions

Product overview | TD & Bookmaking | TD & Scanning | TD & ODMA | TD Versions


Module Likely User  Trapeze Desktop™ Functionality





For council department users who want a general, fully featured image viewer for PDF, CAD & scanned plans and documents.


Integrates easily with an existing management system, both  locally and over the Internet.


Users have editing capability limited to annotations and saving to PDF & TIFF formats.

Convert CAD & PDF scanned documents to a common format
View (navigation, pan, zoom, rotate etc)
Thumbnail Views
View black & white, perfect colour and greyscale images
TIFF, BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF, and others
Print selected areas of images.
Printing (fit to page)
Print Folder Contents
Print Thumbnail selection
Print whole documents, pages & areas
Views any annotations & bookmarks in the image
Folder viewing and navigation.
Search Trapeze Bookmarks.
Drag images to existing folders.
Drag & Drop sections of plans into MS Office documents
Create Annotations (sticky notes, stamps, text, polygons, arrows, etc)
Annotations are resizable according to the size of the document
Annotations can be added and deleted, pages cannot be deleted
Handwriting or drawing using a pen
Search Bookmarks
Save all opened documents as TIFF or PDF
Integrates with most Document Management Systems via ODMA
Can be run in the web browser

Correspondence Manager

(Formerly Compose)



Users in Compliance & Correspondence that require a comprehensive interface with MS Office products, and require a high degree of flexibility and control over the organization and manipulation of image based information.


All the functions of Trapeze Desktop Standard plus:
Drag images to Bookmark Folders
Generate & edit Page Bookmarks and Bookmark Folders.
OCR = Optical Character Recognition = Convert images into editable (MS Word) Text
Cut & Paste OCR text directly into office documents
OCR select areas to generate Bookmark descriptors
Trapeze Pasteboard

Plan Manager

(Formerly Measure
& Print)


For users who want to view maps or plans, carry out measurements, print to scale and have more editing power and advanced options eg. the ability to actually alter the file, re-order documents within the file, add new pages and create their own file index etc.


Departments that would most benefit from eliminating paper from the planning process are:
Asset management
Planning & Consent
Parks & Gardens
Front Desk


All the functions of Trapeze Desktop Standard & Correspondence Manager plus:
Set scale, calibrate scale, measure distances, measure perimeters
Print to original scanned size or scaled size
Generate & edit folders and bookmarks
Page selections: copying to file
Measure angles
Measure polygon areas
Calculate ratios “On the Plan”
Calculate ratios, areas, percentages, distance
Super Super stamps with pop-ups for custom data.

Add, replace, delete, append, insert pages via Drag & Drop &/or Pasting 

Generate thumbnails
Re-order & re-orient images

Desktop Full



For the master users who need the ability to undertake all of the tasks outlined in the previous products above in one complete package.


All the functions of all the Trapeze Desktops modules combined plus:
Scanning Interface
Create new multipage image documents
Specialist support for wide format scanners (most Vidar & Contex)
Re-order & re-orient images
On-the-fly switching between different scanners
TWAIN & ISIS (MS61) compatible
Generate & Re-order Thumbnails


Trapeze Desktop Formats:

Trapeze Desktop™ is available in the following formats:



Trapeze Desktop™ Optional Extra Features

Option Purpose/Functionality Applicable Module for Option
ODMA Support Provides automatic integration with ODMA Compliant Document Management Systems. Trapeze Desktop - View.
MS61 Support
(ISIS Compatible)
Provides support for more advanced production scanners that utilise the MS61/ISIS driver standard. Trapeze Desktop - Scan & File.
Barcode Recognition & Separator Sheets. Provides intelligent processing within batch scanning operations to segregate documents, semi automate various indexing tasks and control both orientation and single or double sided operation of the scanning equipment. Incorporates functionality to produce job separator sheets, including barcodes, on laser printers Trapeze Desktop - Scan & File.


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