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The Therefore™ documenet management system enables you to process information efficiently, economically and securely throughout your department or organization. This means your team can access and use the information they need to meet business objectives, allowing you to have a smarter company and increase efficiency and profits.


A2iA is the worldwide leading developer of natural handwriting recognition, Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technologies and products for the payment, mail, document and forms processing markets.

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Kofax Capture 

Kofax is one of the worlds leading innovators in form and invoice processing systems. Able to offer data capture on a truly global scale as well as standalone systems to suite any organisation. Kofax Capture is available on an enterprise level for companies that need remote scanning and processing in different locations.

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Textstor Enterprise Report Management & Electronic Document Management Software - Overview

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Textstor Enterprise Report Management & Electronic Document Management Solutions are developed and delivered by our experienced in-house team of software engineers. Textstor document management software has been designed to overcome the problems associated with storing and accessing large volumes of computer generated reports and documents, including: invoices, statements, and accounting reports.


Textstor provides one of the most cost effective ways of storing and quickly retrieving these archived documents. It archives spool files generated on systems like AS400, Mainframes, Unix, Linux and Windows. It indexes and archives the data on a network server and makes it available all specified users across a PC network. Indexed searches provide users with rapid access to this archived data. This offers improved efficiency, higher security, and significant cost savings over traditional paper storage.


Furthermore users can archive their data onto Write Once Read Many (WORM) disks. This is a HM Revenue & Customs approved method of storing your official company records, thus removing the need to keep paper copies. The HM Revenue & Customs has extensive information about the electronic storage of official company records and it can be found here


Flexibility and integration with most document management and accounting software systems is simple with our team of dedicated staff, therefore making it easily configurable to handle your own reports.


Textstor add on modules

Textstor - Purchase Invoice Authorisation (PIA) Module

The Purchase Invoice Authorisation system, our Accounts Payable (AP) system, takes advantage of purchase invoices archived by our Document Management software. Each invoice can be sent electronically to one or more users, who are responsible for the authorisation of that invoice.


Where required, the user can enter a nominal breakdown for the invoice (nominal account/amount/control number). When completed, and the total amount entered equals the invoice total, the invoice may be authorised by simply pressing the 'authorise invoice' button.


The benefits of using PIA :-

The return on investment with PIA is normally realised within 6 months of installation. Where required, CMS will tailor the Purchase Invoice Authorisation system to emulate your current business processes.


Further information on Textstor Purchase Invoice Authorisation can be found here.


TextStor - Electronic Document Distribution (EDD) Module

Electronic Document Distribution is a new add-on module for TextStor software, which enables you to send month end statements to your customers by email or fax in one simple process.


Further information on Textstor Electronic Document Distrubition can be found here.


TextStor – In-Tray Module

The TextStor In-Tray add-on module allows specific users to have their daily reports presented in Textstor without the need to perform individual searches for each report. This removes the need for the system administrator to print and distribute reports and provides the user with a very quick way of viewing the previous day’s reports.


When a user logs in to Textstor, their In Box or In-Tray will be displayed showing the list of reports that have been assigned to them which have been presearched using the previous days date. The user can then either view or print the reports and when completed delete the report from the In-Tray. Upon exiting the In-Tray, the user will continue with normal Textstor searches etc.


To configure In-Tray, the relevant reports are flagged as In-Tray aware and the users allocated their reports from the list of In-Tray reports. At the end of the normal End of Day transfer and index, Textstor will perform a series of report searches for the In-Tray reports, which will be copied to the user’s In-Tray for viewing.


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