Fax software that allows you to send and receive from your workstation faxed documents. Designed for companies of all sizes from 5 user to 100+. Zetafax lets you send and receive faxes just like emails and can be integrated with Microsoft Exchange & Lotus notes.


Our dedicated experienced team of programmers provide a complete Analysis and Software Development service. All of our bespoke software is written in DB/C and makes use of its advanced database management functions. DB/C is provided by DB/C Software of Illinois, USA.


The DB/C Product Family

The DB/C family of software products consists of DB/C DX and DB/C FS.



DB/C DX 14 is the latest version of the language. It is a complete application development tool for the DB/C programming language. DB/C DX compiled programs are portable to many operating systems including Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003 and most UNIX operating systems. 



DB/C FS is a two-tier database server product. The server software of DB/C FS is available for many UNIX operating environments and for Windows NT/2000/2003. The client software of DB/C FS includes DB/C DX any ODBC client program (Windows applications like Excel, Access, and many more), and any JDBC client programs. DB/C FS provides SQL and non-SQL access to DB/C ISAM, AIM, along with sequential and random files.


Textstor, our own in-house developed Archiving and Retrieval software product, is written entirely in DB/C and is being developed to take advantage of all the new features in DB/C DX. 


For further information on our programming services, contact CMS Software direct. You'll find our contact details here.


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