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‘Redscan have flagged (and

solved!) issues for us even before we

were aware they were happening’

Gavin Young

ICT Manager


INDUSTRY Education


Leicester College is one of the ten largest further education colleges in England. It has around 1,600 staff and 43,000 learners each year. It offers one of the broadest ranges of courses in the country, from entry level up to higher education, and provides full-time education and training to 40% of Leicester’s 16-18 year olds. The college places a high importance on IT and has invested in information and communications technology.


Like any educational establishment, Leicester College needs to protect its students and staff, to maintain the integrity of its IT systems, and to prevent inappropriate use.


The college previously had used a Checkpoint firewall internally and a number of separate solutions for checking for virus, spam and web abuse. According to Gavin Young, ICT Manager at the college, “We decided that we needed to improve the security of our IT systems. We set a number of requirements, and had a limited budget available.”


Firstly, the college needed an improved firewall. Young and his colleagues also decided that they needed a range of security features, including anti-virus, anti-spam, blocking of inappropriate


websites, and intrusion detection, and that these should all be provided by a single solution.


“Redscan have flagged (and solved!) issues for us even before we were aware they were happening,” The service had to have as little impact in time and management as possible on college staff.


“We wanted as much management and monitoring as possible to be provided by the supplier,” said Young.



Initially, the college reviewed all the firewalls available on the market and put together a shortlist of solutions that met its requirements. “We selected the Redscan, as it gave us the best solution in terms of cost and features, and provided the best value for money.”



A large number of threats from the Internet are being identified, recorded and blocked by the Redscan. The box’s intrusion protection system also detects around 80,000 attempted intrusions to the college’s network from other computers on the Internet.


Each week, the college receives around 600 emails infected with somekind of virus, now blocked 100% by the Redscan.


Young gives a particular example: “The Redscan has been instrumental in identifying and blocking the Welchia Virus which was introduced into the college on removable media. It allowed us to remove this virus without infecting the outside world.”


“We selected the Redscan as it gave us the best solution in terms of cost and features and provided the best value for money.”


The Redscan also detects spam as it enters the college’s network, and spam emails can be filtered or forwarded as required. “Spam has been flagged up by the appliance, and we are moving towards deleting all spam before it enters the college network,” said Young.


“The box removes around 4000 spams we receive each week so that they do not hit users.” In a typical week, spam accounts for around 30% of the emails that the college receives.


Leicester College has an acceptable use policy that states that no students may access sites that are listed within parameters specified by the college. This includes pornography, gambling, hacking, criminal activity and other areas deemed inappropriate.


To deal with this issue, the Redscan incorporates web content filtering software from SurfControl, which allows end customers to tailor Internet usage to their particular requirements.



“The Redscan offers the extra assurance of knowing inappropriate websites are blocked.” explained Young.



One of the benefits for the college was the ease of installation and setup. “No training was required,” commented Young.


“Setup was managed by Redscan, and the simple web interface allows us to make any basic changes required. This has been one of the few solutions we have had at the college that has been installed and worked, without us having to make any changes to the network.”


“All protection against Internet threats is seamlessly updated without any staff intervention or time,” said Young. “We chose a managed service because staff resources are at a premium - it would have been impossible to effectively manage another service ourselves.”


“The monitored service has meant Redscan have flagged (and solved!) issues for us even before we were aware they were happening,” commented Young.


“Threat protection is managed and gives us confidence that it is working, and a higher level of trust in the security of our IT systems. Redscan has benefited Leicester College by providing an all-in-one solution coupled with excellent service, to protect the college from all the main threats on the Internet.”


‘We selected the Redscan solution as it gave us

the best solution in terms of cost and features

and provided the best value for money.’



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